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Designing the ideal experience of using a service or product is all about the user.

You can add all the features and functionality that you like to a site or application, but the success of the project rides on a single factor: how the users feel about it.

Does the site or application give the user value?

The user finds the site or application simple to use and navigate?

Does he/she enjoy using the site or the application?

You can say you are doing a good job when the answer is “Yes!” to all of those questions.

Design thinking is a repetitive process in which we seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and problems. The purpose is to identify new strategies and solutions that we didn’t initially think of.

You can apply design thinking as a solution-based approach when you try to solve different difficulties/puzzles.

Design thinking is a form of thinking, a way of working, and it can be a perfect approach if you want to understand some of the people’s problems.

Design thinking tries to empathize with human beings. That involves evasive or inherently subjective concepts such as emotions, needs, motivations, and drivers of behaviors.

The nature of coming up with ideas and solutions in design thinking means a more enthusiastic and sensitive approach to the context in which users operate. And also to the problems and obstacles they might face when interacting with a product.

The creative element of design thinking stays in the methods used to generate problem solutions and insights into the practices, actions, and thoughts of real users.


Is Design Thinking for everybody?

Yes! And it is definitely for you if you are an entrepreneur.


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