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How we work



Business analysis

Help us to help your business. We are here to know everything about your present business and perspectives.


Concept & UI

Would you like to experience a brand new concept designed specially for you? Let us tell your story in online, you'll gain a great experience!


Design & Develop

Remember how you helped us understand your business? Now it's our turn to implement the technological challenges & make your project successful!


Test & Support

We love our clients and their projects and they know that! Take a look at what they say about us and you'll know for sure that we deliver great customer experience.


Agile development process

Business Analysis is a critical part of developing software for our team.

If you are looking to begin a software development project, our BA and PJM- Andreea will be there to look at the scope of your project, establish the requirements and standards the project must meet, facilitate communication with the development team, and support its implementation.

Having a BA on your team will be worth your initial investment and ultimately result in overall project cost savings.

Concept & Design

Proposal of graphic layouts according to the most modern technologies and adjustment of the selected layout in accordance with the client requirements.
The image elements required for the site (logo, fonts, colors, titles, etc.).
The process of site design implementation, which involves merging design elements with programming, is the most important process in the initial phase of the project.

Web & Mobile Development

The development of ecommerce platforms for mobile apps, custom sites and platforms remains at the forefront of progress. Mobile data traffic, regardless of its nature, is also becoming an issue in sales, and the driving force behind market success is the adaptation to the online market by traditionally traders or expansion for those who are already active.

We help you do all that!


It can also be stated as the process of validating and verifying that a software program or application or product:

– Meets the business and technical requirements that guided the design and development

– Works as expected

Testing, at its core, is really about reducing risk.


Training on all the functions of the equipment and the contracted software will be done in Romanian or, as the case may be, in English.
Each training session is completed with a Training Report containing: training material / course notes (online copy).

Training will be done by experts with significant experience in the field.

Help desk / Maintenance

Both electronic support (e-mail or messenger) and telephone support will be provided.
The response time to the client requests is instantaneous (t = 0 seconds from the beneficiary’s request) by assigning a contact person and a direct number.
The remediation time for requests of a higher degree of complexity may take, according to a schedule agreed by the parties.
We provide technical support to identify the nature of the malfunctions reported (software error, hardware error, specific application error, or operating error) and promptly trigger the specific isolation / repair procedure.


Get in touch with us to become

Your partner in digital transformation

The root of our relationships is embedded in providing mutual value to both parties.

Why work with us?

Most importantly, memorable customer experience model is our aim. To deliver unexpected intangible value that cannot be packaged or sold.

This includes personalized service, attention to detail, and showing a sense of urgency to address concerns as they arise.


Take a look at what

Our clients say

I worked very well with 2web. I am happy with the communication I had and the way I worked with this company. Always prompt and open to my suggestions. If I were to start all over, I would choose again 2web services.

— Mădălina Petrișor

Marketing Specialist

The collaboration with 2web went really really well, they made me a 10 star site in topography domain.

— Ștefan Bocancilă

Topographic Engineer

Have done two projects with 2web. And hopefully many others to come.

— Juan Ville

Financial Broker

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