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We live in changing times. As entrepreneurs, we need to constantly adapt ourselves and our ideas to the changing requirements of the (business) environment, especially if it’s related to the online business. Also, today, mostly everything is about that.

No matter if you just started a traditional business and wish to enter the online market or need to develop from the stage you are in, this article is for you. If you consider another way, let’s have a talk and think about how to adapt our project implementation with your business rhythm.

Why do we write? So you’ll have the best advice in advance and know your way online.

For us, your experience must be a flow, and we’ll always try to influence the behaviors of users and improve your experience. That’s the ultimate goal for us as a team at 2web services.

We succeed if the users succeed in using our product, and their experience is magnificently good.

We accept constant change and a never-ending quest for improvement. Let me explain the basis of our approach and tell you how to use it in your online startup/business.

Design is not just about how it looks and how it feels. Design is how it works.

To succeed in the “how it works” side and create something precious, you need to focus on the whole experience, not just the aesthetic value.

You wish for an online business or store? Ok. You can be successful by creating a digital product that’s truly valuable for your customer!

Think where you can find your users.

Wherever they are – grab your laptop and go and talk to them. Show to the people around what you have and check if it’s usable.

There’s one way to build a great user experience: active communication with customers. Without the voice of your customers, your business will be an empty shell. Don’t let it happen.

How 2web helps in this process?

After you do your research, the 2web team will design a concept and a structure for you and your customers to interact.

If you never heard of prototyping or wireframe, it’s time to get used to it. The idea is that before having a design for your online business, we must decide and create the structure both you and your users will measure and optimize.

We try to be as agile as possible, so the first part of you coming to us for a project will happen around the business get to know, research, and lots of interactions. Everything is about getting to know each other and help you succeed in your online business.

Let me describe these concepts more

After the stage when we analyze all we can think of… you will have the opportunity to:

  • experience content and interactions with the interface
  • test the main interactions in a way similar to the final product.

How? By wireframe and mockup.

Yes, we will provide you with that, because we believe it is essential for you to have a first visualization of the concept created together.

Is 2web using wireframe for my small project?

Yes, yes we use it also

  • In any massive, complex project that has an alarmingly close deadline
  • In any small project with a limited budget.

In both cases, wireframes are typically used as the documentation of the project we provide in the activities of project management.

Interestingly, this approach proved itself to be even more critical in a startup than in an established company. Accepting the constant effort to improve the user experience is a ‘make it or break it’ factor for every young organization.

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