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– Online startup guide –

I’ll explain how to build a basic innovative road map for your startup business through practical thinking.

I’ve broken down the process into the main phases that you can scale up on your organization.

Having an online business is a very straightforward concept. So, it seems. You have a product or service and wish the world find out about it (that is why you want a platform to sell or a website to present yourself).  Your main idea is to have sales and a significant impact as an organization.

You did find out from other business partners that optimization is essential. Ranking on Google is a necessary aspect of the sale, so now you think you are ready, you know the basics of what you need and call a specialist.

Ah, and one more thing you had lots of investments in the stock or other costs and you don t have that much money for anything else.

Online startup

This scenario is daily,  on entrepreneurs’ social media pages, marketing groups, etc. My conclusion is that even if the online business seems more accessible and more available, 30% of the new business owners are not ready to have a business in general. Online is no exception.

However, they find courage, look for the best deals, and find eventually a company that will make them an affordable selling site. After the project is complete, they only have to wait for people to “come in” and buy. So shock! Time is running, and they don t invest any more in the platform or their know-how of inbound marketing, and sales are not up.

This scenario is real in the Romanian market, and at the same time, it’s the premise for many volatile businesses.

Of course, we have well-prepared business owners; also, we’ll talk about this scenario in future posts.

This article is mainly for the owners of an online startup that has only the enthusiasm, profound knowledge & budget to start.

How to overcome common challenges?

Oh well, first of all, it’s essential to find a team that helps you, and that will stick with you on a long-term business relationship. That enables you to grow and will help you.

The team is vital because it will make the classic configuration of your online business and will scale you up step by step as you grow as a business as well.

First thing you need to do with your online partner is

  1. Focus first on customer problems – and how you respond to them on your platform.
  2. Iterating on ideas – bring new concepts for old classic business – a unique experience – a new approach for the design – a new way to put it out on the market.

Get your unique selling advantage and bring it forward in the online – store, website, and social media.

Get feedback from your clients – focus and refine those ideas into new selling concepts in your store.

Selling isn’t a philosophy. It’s a problem-solving strategy. However, you need to be there for your clients. Give them full support – bring chat and online presence and invest all the time in the company’s identity and marketing.


This article is an excellent way to improve your online startup business process. Find more tips here

Find your innovative option and make the right decision for your online startup & clients.

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